Urban Street Tennis !

          Growing The Game of Tennis

Our aim is to engage more young people in the great game of tennis by offering an accessible, doorstep exciting game that embraces all the characteristics and fundamentals of traditional tennis.

          Breaking Down Barriers

Today millions of people around the world already enjoy the game of tennis. However, the growth of tennis is challenged by certain constraints such as the cost of equipment, clothing, the hire of a court, club memberships, lessons and travel. Our Urban Street Tennis programme aims to remove these potential barriers and introduce a generation of new players to the sport of tennis.

           Keeping People Healthy

Everyday we learn more about how important it is to keep an active lifestyle. Playing Urban Street Tennis is a fun way to keep active and spend quality time with friends and family.

               Finding Future Tennis Stars

While tennis is on the curriculum in some schools, due to time and money constraints the game is only taken up by a fraction of the young people that could potentially grow to enjoy and compete playing the great game of tennis throughout their lives. Because Urban Street Tennis is simple and delivered within the community more young people will be exposed to the game of tennis.


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