Creating Heart Smart Children !

We at Freestyle Urban Soccer cic have been awarded agrant by national charity Heart Research UK, to encourage over 3,000 school children to increase their physical activity and knowledge around heart health by getting involved in street sports.

Our 'Young@Heart Project', aims to use young people's enthusiasm for playing doorstep sports - games that are cost- effective and can be played close to home - by providing portable inflatable pitches which can be assembled anywhere.

Unfortunately there are some wards in Chorley that are amongst the top 10% most deprived areas in England and a report from the National Child Measurement Programme reveals a strong link between deprivation and child obesity, with obesity being significantly higher in deprived areas.

We at Freestyle Urban Soccer, will focus on 12 primary schools within the disadvantaged areas of Chorley and Coppull, as we look to intervene at an early age by providing key stage 2 children, with a healthy heart eight-week programme.

Our project will combine urban sports such as soccer, cricket, non-contact boxing and basketball, with classroom-based learning about healthy eating, nutrition, and the negative effects that smoking, drugs, alcohol and physical inactivity have on the heart.

We hope to make physical exercise an integrated part of young people's lives and expect that the small team sessions will allow all children to get involved.


In addition to the in-school activities, we will be offering a five day after school course to each school for FREE where an additional 384 pupils will benefit from physical exercise.


Overall, we have an additional target to increase the young people's self-esteem, communication skills and teamwork through positive lifestyle changes and increased knowledge of how the heart works.

Paul Maloney, Freestyle Urban Soccer cic Director, said: "We are delighted to have received this funding from Heart Research UK which will enable us to work with even more young people from the area and will provide us with the opportunity to expand and build upon our successful Urban Sports & Educational programmes.


"Our free of charge Education & Urban Sports initiative aims to create Heart Smart Children and improve their physical fitness."


Heart Research UK National Director, Barbara Harpham, said: "This is an innovative way to engage with young people which will hopefully bring great results. By using children's interests to get them active, they will be able to have fun and socialise whilst learning how to prevent heart disease throughout their lives."

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