Urban Boxing !

“Amateur boxing in schools is growing. Boxing encourages discipline, integration and respect, can help combat obesity and promotes anti-bullying messages, which works for pupils. I know – it worked for me”

            - Amir Khan, Olympic silver medallist

 The ABAE’s Whole Sport Plan aims to increase participation. A growth area for the sport is education, increasing opportunities for pupils and students to try boxing for the first time and then join a club to keep participating. Many schools have seen the benefits of included boxing in the curriculum and or after school activities, particularly with young people at risk of exclusion or in pupil referral units.


The GB Boxing Awards is a fun recreational activity which involves teaching the basics of non contact amateur boxing to children from the age of 5 years, such as stance, guard, footwork and all the related punches and defences.

We at Freestyle are pleased to annouce that we have joined up with Chorley Amateur Boxing Club as away of creating an exit route for the young people we engage with. The partnership helps us sign post local young people to a local club.


If your interested in us delivering the Boxing Awards at your school, youth club or community building, please contact paul on paul@freestyle-urban-soccer.co.uk

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