Free Boots !

Football Boot Exchange Programme

Do you have any football boots which no longer fit your child?

Would you like to 'swap' them for some different size boots?

Freestyle Urban Soccer has set up a "Free" football boot exchange programme at all our events and as football brings communities together we would like to encourage all residents and businesses to delve around in their attics, garages and cupboards to see if they can find old boots which can be given a new lease of life. With the community's help we can do something worthwhile and increase young people’s physical activity levels across the town.

The Freestyle Urban Soccer team are very keen to help parents/carers who are constantly worrying about the cost of buying replacement boots,especially when its more than one pair. So, simply bring your child's boots (clean if at all possible) along on a Saturday morning or to any of our Street Soccer events and speak to one of our staff Members who can advise you on what is available. 

We would like to thank CCH and all their staff for their continued support with our boot exchange initiative,many staff members have donated boots and as a result they have helpped provide more children with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game. Whilst other young people and parents who have exchanged / donated football boots have made some young children very happy as we have been able to hand to them their first ever pair of football boots.

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