Our Aims & Objectives !

•  To develop football in a sporting, recreational and social educational sphere

•  To provide young people with the opportunity to participate in sport at all levels and standards   

•  To provide young people with a progression route from basic participation to coaching standard

•  To re-introduce disengaged young people into educational and social provision

•  To establish positive relationships between young people and significant adults by ensuring respect for all and the development of positive role models

•  To enable older participants to act as peer educators and for participants’ parents to become involved as volunteers and project supporters

•  To make sure that all young people achieve the best they can in life

•  To help young people gain confidences, self-esteem, develop teamwork skills, sports skills and discipline, which are transferable skills

Supporting young people by raising their awareness and interest in the advantages of   

•  learning new skills and the diversity of learning methods

•  To work within the context of equality of opportunity for all

•  To foster partnerships working with local, national and international organization



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